SETTING THE STAGE (To be reviewed before the session begins.)
Session Overview
Participants will be able to…
• Upload their lessons and units from today’s sessions onto Google D&S
• Share their work with others
• Edit other units and lessons to make it applicable to their own classrooms
• Celebrate their accomplishments

Focusing Questions
What are the benefits of sharing our work on line with others?
How can we use others' work and make it applicable in our teaching practice?
Thinking back to Session 6, how can we use Google Docs and Spreadsheets to share, edit, and collaborate around our work?

• Laptops or tablets with Internet access
• Projector
• Interactive whiteboard (optional)

NOTE: Participants must have finished at least one finished product in from the previous sessions in order to fully participate in this session.

Framing the Session
“We’ve definitely learned a lot in the previous seven sessions. We’ve learned how to navigate Google Earth, Google Notebook, and Google Docs. We’ve also created our own lesson plans and learned how to use various weather tools in Google Earth. Now we’re going to be putting all of that together to share our work with others, edit and revise our work based on how it could be implemented in our classrooms, and then celebrate our accomplishments.”

"Watch me while I open up my Google Docs and Spreadsheets to share my work with you. First, I go to www. on Mozilla Firefox, IE, or Netscape. Google D&S does NOT work on Safari."

Users have already been taught the basics about Google Docs in session 6, but review how to navigate it, with an emphasis on how to share and edit work.

“One of the great things about Google Docs and Spreadsheets is of course being able to share your work with others. Now we’re going to give you time to familiarize yourself at greater length with the application, and use it to upload your lessons and units. Here I am, open in Google D&S.

“Now see how there is a link that says Upload? Click on that link, and it will allow you to browse the files on your computer to upload onto Google D&S. After uploading, it will show up on the list of files that you see here.

“If you would like to share your work with others, click on the file that you want to share. When the screen shows up, you’ll see two tabs on the top right corner – one that says Share and one that says Publish. Click on Share if you want others to be able to view and collaborate. Click on Publish if you want to publish your documents as a webpage. This would allow you to send the link to people.”

Note: there is an "extra" slide showing the details of sharing. Please explain if applicable.

Guided Practice
During this time, participants will upload any lessons/units that they have created during this session. They will then invite everyone to collaborate with them so they can edit the lessons/units to make them their own.

Now that participants have uploaded their docs onto Google Docs, and have been invited to share/collaborate on everyone’s work, they will spend work time downloading each other's lessons and ideas, and then editing lessons to make them easy to use in their own classrooms. This allows today’s work to be more meaningful and significant in their own teaching practice.

Participant Activity
Participants will…
STEP 1 – Review the lessons/units that have been written
STEP 2 – Revise others’ work to make it applicable in their own classrooms
STEP 3– Save new work as your own
STEP 4 - Upload new versions back onto Google Docs and Spreadsheets for others to view one more time

Facilitator Conferring
Move around the classroom to make sure that all participants are on task. This requires a lot of independent work from the participants and less instruction/guidance from the facilitator, because they’re working on things for their own classrooms.

Participants will share their work from today, while focusing on the following questions:

How can we apply what we’ve done throughout these 8 sessions in our classrooms?
How does Google Earth allow us to enhance a weather unit?
Are there other ways that we apply Google Earth to our science instruction?

As per your training, lead your participants to the course evaluation.

Author: Elissa Seto
School/Employer: NYC DOE, CIS 339 in the Bronx
Title: science teacher