Participant Agenda
Session 6.7 - Using Other Google Earth Tools

Focusing Questions
What are some other Google Earth Tools?
How can I use these tools in a weather unit?

In this session, participants will learn to use a few more Google Earth Tools. They will learn how to use the Placemark function to mark a certain area and input information about this point. They will learn to connect points by using Add Path feature. Finally, participants will learn a new use for the Ruler tool.

Review how to use pathmarks, paths, polygons, and ruler features in Google Earth.
Use Google Earth and become familiar with the different tools discussed.
Create a storm path with embedded information and learning tasks.

Participant Activity
Locate new tools on Google Earth
Create a storm, path, and information
Practice using the Pathmark feature and embedding information on Google Earth.
Practice using the Path feature to connect Pathmarks.
Practice using the Polygon feature to highlight a certain area on your map.
Practice using the Ruler tool to measure different aspects on Google Earth.
Use the above mentioned features to create a storm path with at least 5 different path marks with embedded information and tasks.

Share our thoughts on the new Google Earth features so far.
What did you find challenging, what worked well, and what would you do differently?
What other activities would these tools be useful for?

The following resources are used in this session.
Google Earth