Participant Agenda
Six Grade Science Session 6.5 - Modeling a Strong Lesson Using Google Earth and Weather Aps

Focusing Questions
What does a strong lesson using Google Weather Aps look like?
How can I use Google Weather Aps to create my own strong lesson?

Use and apply "European Real-Time Lightning Strikes"
Record what we observe in a double entry journal
Add Layers
  • Lightning Layer
  • Cloud Layer
  • METAR Layer

Participate in the modeled Strong Science Lesson using lightning, clouds, and weather information.
Use another layer or question device to add to the Double Entry Model file.
Upload your gathered information to your Google Notebook.
Develop own Strong Science Lesson using Google Earth with Weather Aps and Layers.

Share thoughts on the modeled strong science lesson.
Share your own strong science lesson?
What worked well? What would you change?

The following resources are used in this session:
Double Entry Model Weather Document -
Weather Tracking Tools Network Link:
METAR's Pilot World-Wide Weather -