Creating a Google Account and Using Google Notebook

6th Grade Science, Session 4 of 8 – PARTICIPANT AGENDA

Focusing Questions

What is the importance of organizing an electronic science notebook?
Why should we keep a Google science notebook?
How can we organize our findings on the internet into one cohesive journal?


Create a Google account.
Download Google Notebook.
Use Google Notebook by collecting weather information.
Share the content of my Google Notebook with another Google account.
View a model Google Notebook that has collected the above information.


Open a Google Account.
Download Google Notebook.
Use Google Notebook to collect weather information from the past week (high temp, low temp, humidity, precipitation, barometer index, winds, pressure, satellite imagery) on your hometown, a place you have visited, and a place you want to visit.
Share the content of your Google Notebook with a partner.


Share content of several user’s Google Notebooks by displaying it on the SmartBoard.
Share tricks, hints, shortcuts that people discovered while using Google Notebook.

This session was developed by: Elissa Seto and Shareese Blakely