Participant Agenda
Session 6.3: Using Google Earth Tools to Become Hurricane Detectives

Focusing Questions
What are hurricanes?
How can we locate a hurricane using the hurricane tracker?
How can we identify the intensity of a hurricane?

Learn how to use the hurricane tracking tool called Hurricane Live Positions to track the path of a current hurricane. These tools also provide information for further understanding of hurricanes, for example: intensity of wind speed or direction.

Find the rest of the points on this hurricane’s path and record your data on the Hurricane Tracker Table Word document.
Locate and track another hurricane if there is one.
Include lesson ideas for this Hurricane Live Tracker in your Lesson Ideas document, created in Session 1.

Ask selected participants to share examples of their work.
How do we use the hurricane tracking tool to enhance student knowledge?
What are some other uses of this tool that you can foresee in your instruction?
Do you anticipate any problems in implementing this application in your classroom?