Participant Agenda
Science Session 6.2 – Installing and Exploring Weather Applications on Google Earth

Focusing Questions
What are weather aps for Google Earth?
How can I download, install, and use Weather Aps with Google Earth?

What are Google Aps?
Install Google Aps.
Explore Google Aps to consider potential applications in a 6th Grade Weather Unit.

Download Weather Aps from 1) Google Weather Ap and 2) Google Pilot Weather Ap
Place them in the folder you created during guided practice titled Weather Aps in your PLACES task pane
Practice manipulating Google Earth by turning on /off the different weather functions
Add lesson ideas to your Weather Ideas Document
Add other tools to Google Earth from the resource list

Share thoughts on the different Google Weather Aps
What did you find challenging, what worked well, and what would you do differently?
What other activities would these tools be useful for?

Google Earth
Weather Tracking Tools Network Link:
Pilot World-Wide Weather -