Participant Agenda

Session 6.1 : Understanding the Basic Science Concepts of the Weather Unit and Installing and Exploring Google Earth

Focusing Questions

What are the key science concepts needed by sixth grade students to understand the weather unit?
What is Google Earth and how do you think it will be useful in enhancing teaching Weather Unit?
How does one install and use the basic features of Google Earth?


Discuss: What key science concepts do our students need in order to fully understand the weather unit?

Learn how we can use Google Earth to help our students get excited about the weather unit?

Identify some weather unit/science lesson ideas that integrate Google Earth applications?

Work Time

Locate your school and add a placemark.
Locate Empire State Building and add a placemark.
Learn how to measure the distance between their school and the Empire State Buidling.
Choose any two places of interest and practice using the Placemark tool and the Ruler icon to find the distance between those two places.
Spend the remaining time exploring the aspects and tools of Google Earth.
Note ideas for lesson plans in the Lesson Ideas Document.

How did you use Google Earth to find a place?
Name some of the Google Tools you found useful and why?
Share how you can use the basic tools of Google Earth in your science/weather unit classes.


Science Scope and Sequence for Grades 6, 7 and 8
external image octet-stream.png weather unit standards
external image octet-stream.png Lesson Ideas